Buying and Maintaining a Lifetime Home

Your new home is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. Protect your house with regular maintenance to retain its value and reduce future bills for upkeep. It’s good to keep a good record of home maintenance and budget for improvements over the coming years. Use these simple steps to keep your home beautiful for years to come.

Maintain your roof.

Roofs protect the rest of your home—make sure yours is in top condition. Check regularly for missing or broken shingles and clean off moss or any debris build up. Some professionals even recommend scheduling a roof inspection every 3-5 years or after big storms.

Care for countertops and floors.

If you have a new home, you may have countertop material or flooring that is new to you and may need a little TLC to maintain its good looks and function. Don’t guess wrong and use a cleaner that ruins your new surface. Find counter cleaning tips and floor cleaning tips that work for your new home.

Avoid water damage.

Water damage is your home’s worst enemy. Inside the house, regularly inspect anything that can leak or cause water to back up where it doesn’t belong. Replace washing machine plastic hoses every three years or metal hoses if they become discolored or rusty. Water heaters last about ten years. Replace yours before it starts leaking. If you notice water leaking in any part of your home, find the source, stop it and make repairs as soon as possible to avoid mold problems or structural damage to your home.

Keep your gutters clean.

Check and clean out your gutters at least two to three times a year to prevent build-up of leaves and debris. It’s especially important to keep your gutters clear in the winter, otherwise, water could pool in your gutter, get under shingles or freeze and break the gutter. Also, watch for low hanging branches—it’s safest to trim those away from your roof and gutter to reduce debris build-up and the possibility of damage to your home. Learn more about ways to fix and prevent gutter damage.

Care for the skirting around your home.

Manufactured home foundations and skirting vary, but whatever type you have, keep it well maintained. Prevent pests from getting under your house by preventing or fixing holes in the skirting. Keep landscaping away from skirting and siding to avoid moisture build-up and rot.

Plan to paint.

A good home paint job keeps moisture out of your siding as well as making it look beautiful. Depending on your climate, expect to paint wood siding every three to seven years. Always seal nail holes or touch up paint as needed to keep that barrier of protection in place for your home.

Protect your plumbing.

Take master bathcare of your plumbing by using a hair strainer in your showers and tubs to avoid clogs. Steer clear of pouring fats and oils down the drain, as oils and fats can solidify at room temperature. If you accidentally spill some down the drain, use hot water and dish soap to clear your pipes. And another tip: skip the Drano. It uses acids and can lead to damage that results in expensive repairs. Instead, use a drain snake to pull the clog to the surface.

Want more advice for caring for your manufactured home? Your homeowner’s manual may have additional information.

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