Make it Yours – Kitchen Fit and Function

Some consider the kitchen a sanctuary, while others see it as a place to share time with others. It’s often called the heart of the home, but what is your perfect kitchen? As you choose your house, keep in mind kitchen function and must-have amenities.

Open Concept or Not

Is your kitchen a space to be shared or tucked away from guests? A single wall or partial wall will change the function and feel of the kitchen. Do you want your living space and kitchen to flow together or have some degree of separation?

The Kitchen Triangle

If you haven’t heard of the kitchen triangle, it is based on the three main work areas that form a triangle: the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator. This is a practical design that saves steps if one person is doing most of the cooking. If two people are sharing the workspace, it may not be as practical. Understand if the kitchen will fit your family and workflow. Also check to see appliance doors open up to block one another or traffic flow.

Islands and Peninsulas

A kitchen island or peninsula offers a great way to include bar-style seating right in the kitchen. It’s convenient if your family gathers in the kitchen. Another alternative is a kitchen with room for a traditional kitchen table. Islands offer additional space for cooking, prep and storage. What works best for your family?


In choosing a countertop, think not only of price, but of durability, upkeep and appearance. Laminate countertops are affordable and easy to clean, but they can scratch. Granite is beautiful and durable but requires regular sealing. Learn what’s available to you and get the most durable material you can afford.


Think through your storage needs. Do you need room for lots of canned goods? Do you have lots of kitchen gadgets? Are the shelves deep enough for your dishes? Do the cupboards extend to the ceiling? Do you want them to? Do you need a walk-in pantry or just a large cupboard. Think creatively to use existing wall space for open shelves if needed.

Special Features

You already know the essential parts of a kitchen, such as a fridge. But do your needs call for thinking outside the box? Special features could include pullout trash and recycling bins, large built-in spice racks, pot fillers, fridges with ice makers, coffee bars, appliance “garages” and more. If you host big family gatherings, now may be the time to consider adding a second oven!

Weighing Your Options

Realtors tell us that a home’s resale value is influenced by the quality of its kitchen. With manufactured housing, you may be able to afford amenities you could not get in a site-built home. Know your options and choose a kitchen that fits your dreams and your budget.

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